Saturday, August 13, 2011

Improving Teacher Morale

Hello to all of my administrator colleagues,

I am writing this blog to ask for ideas of how you go about boosting teacher morale in your buildings and how you navigate all of unexpected nonsense to follow through with it from September to June or whenever your school year begins and ends.  My administrative team has struggled with this in recent years.  We start each year to recognize our teachers and make them feel important and that the things they do are worthwhile.  I have gone as far as always telling my teachers "thank you" for anything that I have asked of them that was above and beyond their duty.  We started the teacher of the month recognition last year but only did it for a couple of months and wasn't able to follow through because of so much nonsense that takes place throughout the year.  I am looking at other schools and their criteria for teacher of the month, and how they go about maintaining effective teacher morale; however, I would appreciate any feedback that you can give me to pass along to my team.

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  1. Found this article with some interesting ideas.